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Sabrina Carvalho founded SC Fitness after going through a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle through dieting. She began her career by cooking homemade, healthy, and delicious meal preps and selling them to gyms and friends in Newark, NJ. During this journey, she also helped create Tudo Fit, a magical mentorship program that promotes health, happiness, and harmony of body, mind, and spirit through food and cooking lessons. Their mission is to spread joy and wellness to everyone through food.

Sabrina has recently been featured in the documentary "Cidade Delas." The film showcases a group of accomplished Brazilian women who have established thriving businesses in America. Sabrina's story serves as an inspiration to many, as she shares her journey of overcoming challenges and achieving success in a foreign country. Her achievements highlight the determination and resilience of Brazilian entrepreneurs, and the impact they have in shaping the American business landscape.


TUDO FIT is a Portuguese course offering well-organized classes in the proper order for preparing healthy recipes. By taking the course, you can enhance your cooking skills and improve your health and quality of life through food.


Aline Albergaria

Since I began consuming your food, I have shed weight, normalized my cholesterol levels (which were previously very high), and avoided having to take medication. I now have more energy and am more active, experiencing less fatigue at work than before. I simply transitioned to a healthier diet to achieve a content and healthy lifestyle.


Priscilla Fabiana

I would like to express my gratitude to ScFitness, whose attentive and dedicated approach has not only transformed my dietary habits, but most importantly, my health! Previously, my blood glucose levels were imbalanced, but now they are regulated, and my cholesterol levels are excellent. As a result, I am far more motivated to engage in physical activity and am more productive at work. These changes have also led to a reduction in my weight. The quality of the meals, customized to suit the unique requirements of each individual, is responsible for all these positive changes.


Renata Oliva

For more than a year, I have been a customer of scfitness and have been receiving daily lunches, always confident that the finest quality will be delivered to me. Sabrina, in addition to being an exceptional and committed woman, is also highly proficient in her work. I highly recommend her services!

Healthy Food


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