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​Once upon a time, in the land of burgers and fries, a master chef and fitness guru Sabrina Carvalho teamed up to create a wonderland of healthy and scrumptious meal preps. They called it SC Fitness, and their mission was simple - to make practical, tasty, and healthy food that puts a pep in your step!

As fate would have it, the chef's biggest dream was to set up a functional kitchen in the land of opportunities, aka the USA, where she could spread the love of healthy eating. And so she did, with the help of her trusty team at SC Fitness.

But she didn't stop at just making yummy food - no, no, no! She believed that food is not just about filling your tummy but also about feeding your soul with love and affection. That's why they also cooked up Tudo Fit, a magical place where they didn't just teach cooking but also shared good vibes through food.

Their mission was simple - to promote health, happiness, and harmony of body, mind, and spirit. And so they cooked on, one meal at a time, spreading joy and wellness to all who crossed their path!

Featured on "Cidade Delas"

Sabrina Carvalho is a featured entrepreneur in the YouTube special "Cidade Delas," a documentary about successful female Brazilian entrepreneurs in the USA. She is described as a Brazilian powerhouse with innovative business ideas who has come a long way; from humble beginnings in Brazil to being looked up to by other entrepreneurs in the USA.


Sabrina's inspiring story is a testament to her fierce determination, unwavering belief in herself, and trailblazing spirit. Viewers are encouraged to sit back, relax, and be inspired by Sabrina's story, which proves that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of Brazilian flair.

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